About Mario Kart Virtual Night

1654 Tracks
This pack has over 1654 Original, New, Retro, Texture/Edit hacked Custom tracks to enjoy!

This pack has the ability to have more Music and character skins, Check the DLC Page for more info!

Time trails
After racing you can submit your track time to Time trail lederboard!

Mission Mode
Play new missions from collecting coins or drive trough gates, check the Mission Mode Page for more information


Fake Itembox
The Fake Item Boxes resemble regular Item Boxes in their design, but the item acts as a hazard that flips vehicles over in a way similar to that caused by a Green Shell or a Red Shell.

Super Horn
The Super Horn is an item that debuts in Mario Kart 8, in Mario Kart Wii it more acts like the POW-Block

Wonder Flower
The Wonder Flower is an new item that debuts in Super Mario Wonder, In Mario Kart Wii it has the power to make the user larger like the Mega Mushroom

Changelogs - v3.5

Track Changes

Added 44 tracks

Updated 32 Tracks

Track Lists

DLC (Music)

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